Zendaya Goes Undercover on YouTube, Twitter and Wikipedia | GQ

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On this episode of Actually Me, February cover star Zendaya goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from AMget, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, IMDb and Wikipedia. Who is her favorite Harry Potter character? Does she have any tips on dealing with stress and anxiety?

Check out Zendaya's new film "Malcolm & Marie" out February 5th on Netflix.
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Zendaya Goes Undercover on AMget, Twitter and Wikipedia | GQ


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    i did not know zendaya was born in oakland

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    I used to shame about my ezema but now that I know that her and polo G has the same problem I feel special like we all got the same shirt or sum

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    Really love her energy, she gives good genuine vibes in everything she does.

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    I didn’t know she bit into ice cream?!

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    U can tell she loves her fans

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    MashX up
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    She's so humble

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    MashX up
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    She's so cute 🥰

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    Monika lo
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    she’s the queen. period.

  23. SkyWoods movies
    SkyWoods movies
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    Me and Zendaya has SOOO MANY in common- both fave is Harry Potter and both are griffindor, we both are vegetarians and I also eat ice cream with teeth..and sooo much more

  24. Audree Boucher
    Audree Boucher
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    I always thought she was a ravenclaw lmao..

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    a. n
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    ayee i see the army she is answering to

  26. Lia Whitman
    Lia Whitman
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    Hyram would be very proud of your skincare advice

  27. Kate_Blue_ 53
    Kate_Blue_ 53
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    If they get BTS to do this... ARMYs will collectively ✨D¡E✨

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      Bangtan Things
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  28. Hufflepuff Queen
    Hufflepuff Queen
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    I’m a Hufflepuff 💛🖤 and my favorite character is either Ginny or Luna or one of the badass ladies like molly weasley

  29. Gracie Bell
    Gracie Bell
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    Just a reminder to recycle, compost, and reduce your carbon emissions because the earth is really unhealthy, and we have to help it!

  30. Elizaveta Sycheva
    Elizaveta Sycheva
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    One of the few, who care enough to give a proper answer☺

  31. Elizaveta Sycheva
    Elizaveta Sycheva
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    How can one person be so classy, yet so sweet and nice!? It's a miracle, change my mind😎

  32. ALIve
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    Just btw the soy sauce favor ramen is vegan and vegetarian ayee

  33. sydney ashlyn
    sydney ashlyn
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    she is the most sweetest most unproblematic person ever, she’s a queen 👑

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    *She must be protected at all cost!* ❤❤

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    Sincerely, Sanskriti
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    Makayla Carcamo
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  41. Priscilla Sepulveda
    Priscilla Sepulveda
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    Me reads video name: Zendaya goes undercover. My 8 year old brain:....KC UNDERCOVER!

  42. Antonita Broomfield
    Antonita Broomfield
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    It’s crazy that I was eating cup of noodles right when she answered the question 😂😂😂😂

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    I’m gonna marry this woman one day 🙂

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    Adam Breezy
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    am i the only one who saw the comment in the video about fighting with tana mongeau??

  48. Tirza Kharisma
    Tirza Kharisma
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    Kkkkk I can totally see that people think choosing Harry is being basic. Harry is honestly never my favorite character tho, but he's a good main character. Never wrong choosing a main character as your fave. My favorite characters have been the main and I just don't care lol

  49. desiree
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    Idk what I did to deserve this video popping up on my recommended page after a late night crying sesh but thank u lordttttt

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    Snoochie Boochies
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  54. A P 3
    A P 3
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    Its so dope to see her shinning and developing into a dope actress... Keep shinning and striving!

  55. Lungshim Kamei
    Lungshim Kamei
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    On the other hand, Percy is the main character and almost everyone's favourite.

  56. Aashna K Shetty
    Aashna K Shetty
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    Zendaya: Comments on the video Me: Trying to search her every comment by pausing the video

  57. XXXTYR!N L
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    She played kc in kc undercover

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    Kaiden Graff
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    Zendaya is sooooooo humble and she is just the best idk how because you have all this sucsses and you are soo humble i need to know how because other people are soooooo cocky and you are so humble she is the best

  73. Kaiden Graff
    Kaiden Graff
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  74. J J
    J J
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  75. Elvira Martin
    Elvira Martin
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    King Lord Greendro
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  87. ꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
    ꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
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    ꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
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  89. ꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
    ꧁Our King꧂ ꧁Brightest Witch꧂
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    Nobody ever say Harry He is my 3rd favorite character because he is THE KING OF *SASS* I love Harry My favorites 1.hermione 2.Luna 3.Harry 4.Ron 5.Fred&george (In my brain Fred and George count as the same people because you can’t have one without the other that’s why Fred’s death was so devastating)

  90. makyla mann-brown
    makyla mann-brown
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    Mr. Woof
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    Denilla A
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  99. Hockey Bros79
    Hockey Bros79
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  100. cosmixkisses
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